Get the Scandi look in your kitchen for a versatile and timeless style…

Giving your kitchen a makeover can seem daunting, especially with so many interior styles to choose from. So, if you’re struggling to find the perfect aesthetic for your cooking spot, why not introduce the versatile Scandinavian look?

scandi look in your kitchen

Renowned for its simplistic, fresh and clean aesthetic, the Scandi way will create a timeless kitchen that can be easily changed when the time comes. So, if you’re looking to transform your space into a Scandinavian haven, read on to find our top five tips.

Use a simple white paint

scandi look in your kitchenCentral to the Scandi look is the use of simple and clean colours, most notably the amount of white used throughout. Begin your kitchen’s transformation with a lick of white paint to illuminate the space and give it a more modern feel. Paired with beaming sunlight through your kitchen windows, this colour is sure to instantly brighten up your space.

However, we know that keeping white walls white can be a pain, so we recommend using a washable paint, like this Dulux one, to keep your walls fresher for longer.

You could even choose to paint over your cupboards in a matching white shade as well, for that ultra-seamless and cohesive look. Or, you could opt for other popular Scandi colours like blue for accent pieces, like the cabinetry or a feature wall.

Re-style your surfaces

scandi look in your kitchenWhen integrating the Scandi look into your kitchen, feel free to mix and match your surfaces. Opting for a metal work top and a wooden kitchen table will give the room an authentic Scandinavian feel, while providing the opportunity for many focus points within the room.

You could even install a white marble countertop, like this one from Silestone. As well as creating an on-trend kitchen look, the quartz composition will be more durable and less porous than other types of marble, as well as having a higher stain resistance. So, your Scandi kitchen can look spick and span for years to come.

If you like more traditional kitchen designs, you’re in luck! The Scandi look uses a lot of light wood, like birch plywood, due to its clean lines and distinct grain. So, don’t be afraid to incorporate as much of this natural material as you would like.

Add a pop of colour

scandi look in your kitchenThe Scandi look in your kitchen prides itself on simplicity, but that’s not to say that the Scandinavians don’t love a pop of colour here and there to give their kitchens some personality.

Focus in on key components of your cooking space with brightly coloured elements, like a statement fridge or range cooker (be sure to keep a look out for offers so you can get more for your money, Stoves is currently offering up to £200 cashback). Or inject more subtle pops of colour with small appliances, such as this De’Longhi multicoloured coffee machine, and wall art or little ornaments.

Switch to wooden flooring

scandi look in your kitchenA real key to the Scandi look in your kitchen achieves a good balance between simplicity and functionality, and the flooring is no different.

A key component to this look is the wooden flooring that runs throughout. Not only does it regularly match the light wooden worktops and surfaces, but it’s much more practical than other forms of flooring. Choose a natural wood, like this Priestly design from The Wood Floor Company. As well as looking attractive, it has been finished with a hardened oil, making it a durable option — something necessary for a high-traffic room where splashes and spills are bound to happen.

If you prefer, laminate wooden flooring is also an option. This is generally more durable and has a higher resistance to water.

Use statement lighting

scandi look in your kitchenAnother way of incorporating colour into your simple space is to add some bold lighting. This white chrome pendant ceiling light from B&Q can be just the statement piece your kitchen was missing. Plus, you can use it to match other interior elements in your kitchen such as appliances and worktops. Alternatively, choosing an intricately shaped light will provide an additional focus point to admire in your Scandi kitchen.

If you want to add an element of fun and expression to the space, you could even choose some colour-changing under-cabinet LED lights. As well as lending your kitchen some personality, this can also be a way of adding that pop of colour previously mentioned, without having to incorporate bright furnishings.

Although statement lighting is popular among Scandi kitchens, make sure you don’t overuse this. You should have one area of statement lighting, whether it’s just one single ceiling pendant or a row of colour-changers. This’ll ensure your kitchen still looks simple and sophisticated while you add some fun into the mix.

Give your interior a refresh this year with the Scandi look in your kitchen. With clean lines and simplicity at the forefront of the design, you’re bound to love this timeless kitchen aesthetic. So, follow our top five tips and give it a go…


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