Sometimes bigger rooms can be difficult to fill and make homey. That is why we have put together our top tips for making a large room cosy…

One may be forgiven for thinking small spaces present the most problems for homeowners, but when it comes to filling large spaces, this can be even more troublesome.

Small items are lost, spaces look blank and walls look vast and unwelcoming. This means your home can soon lose some of its warmth and may be completely uninviting.

However, with a few simple tips for making a large room cosy, you can utilise this space to your advantage, creating a stylish room that you want to relax and unwind in.

Choose Your Sofa Wisely

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First, one of the key pieces in this room is going to be your sofa, so you need to choose carefully.

A small settee can soon look lost in a large space, regardless of how much other furniture there is. So always opt for a standout piece that’ll be able to stand up to the sheer space in this room. You can then add to this with smaller sofas and armchairs to create more seating and a unified look.

Consider the fabric of your sofa too. Warm fabrics that emulate the overall style of the room will help it slot in effortlessly, while bolder colours can really add to the contemporary feel of a spacious setting. Companies like Cox & Cox offer custom-made upholstery options so you can find something that’s entirely in keeping with your interior design – and their sofas fit brilliantly with both traditional and contemporary rooms.

Add Tall Potted Plants

Secondly in our list of tips for making a large room cosy – if the room you’re working with has high ceilings, fill this vertical space with luscious, tall potted plants. These not only work to bring height to your furnishings but also add to this welcoming vibe with their natural edge. You can also use these to fill spare corners, too.

Use Console Tables to Divide Zones

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Often, large rooms are so big they are used for different purposes. They may be divided up into a seating area and dining space, for example. And in order to do this, it’s important to define these separate zones so they don’t look random and clumsy.

Console tables are absolutely great for doing this as they look fabulous positioned behind your sofa, adding height to the room with lamps and other accessories that are placed on them.

Alternatively, if you’re having separate seating areas in the room, a daybed or chaise lounge to divide the two is ideal.

Fill Empty Wall Space

Finally in our tips for making a large room cosy, look for where there are vast empty spaces on the wall that look cold and distracting. You can add pictures and artwork to these to bring them to life, but also look for where console tables will add to this space as well.

In large rooms, furniture is often positioned away from the wall, so a console table, chaise lounge or bench positioned to the side of the room will get rid of bare walls and bring them into the overall design of your room.

making a large room cosy

Still got a spare corner?

Then why not fill this with a cosy armchair and a floor-to-ceiling bookcase with books for a wonderful reading nook?

It may be a little trial and error at first but with a few clever touches and careful planning, your large room will become a wonderfully warming space.

Other than our tips for making a large room cosy, what do you do to make your room feel comfortable? Let us know in the comment box below…


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