While there are many types of jewellery out there, there are also a number of key Jewellery pieces every woman should own – we’ve rounded them up here…

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone’s milestone birthday or you’re wanting to add to your current jewellery collection, we’ve brought together those key jewellery pieces every woman should own that complete a jewellery box.

From classic silver or gold rings to statement items, find out which classic pieces will stand the test of time…

A Long Chain Necklace

In gold or silver, a long chain necklace is ideal for almost any outfit and works beautifully to elongate your neck, putting it as a firm candidate to the key jewellery pieces every woman should own. The beauty of these types of necklaces is they can also be teamed with other on-trend necklaces to create a distinguished layered look. Choose from simple chains to chains with added details, such as diamonds and ornate pieces.

key jewellery pieces every woman should own
Necklaces by Lulu McQueen

Statement Studs

Again, working with any outfit, these add an elegant look to work attire, glamorous dresses, going out clothes and even day-to-day outfits. Choose a delicate round or square pair that will add a touch of sparkle to your day for many years to come.

key jewellery pieces every woman should own
Studs by Lulu McQueen

A Ring or Two

Silver or gold rings won’t just dress up your hands but will also bring a touch of personality to your outfit. Whether you want to keep things simple with a gold band or you want to add diamonds and other details, there are so many choices available. You could even opt for on-trend stackable rings that allow you to mix and match different designs for a truly standout look.

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key jewellery pieces every woman should own
Bespoke ring from Blackacre

A Charm Bracelet

These are ideal if you’ve got a special birthday coming up or you’d like to create a piece of jewellery that you can keep adding to with momentous charms. Allowing you to create an item of jewellery that’s entirely personal to you, charm bracelets are available in a range of styles. For example, Pandora has created cute beads that add a modern twist to traditional charms.

key jewellery pieces every woman should own

A String of Pearls

Effortlessly classic, a string of pearls really brings an elegant outfit together. A simple strand will complete your jewellery box with glistening balls of perfection, but if you don’t think a strand of pearls is for you, earrings with pearl accents are ideal.

key jewellery pieces every woman should own

A Watch

This item is often overlooked but is perfect to finishing off an outfit, with stylish designs working well with a range of clothing and is certainly one of the key jewellery pieces every woman should own. You have the choice of going for something sleek and simple or opting for something a little more elaborate with diamond details and extravagant straps. Armed with all of the above jewellery, you’ll have something for every occasion and the knowledge that you’re building up a jewellery collection anyone would be proud of. Check out our review of the Vegan friendly watch brand Votch, as seen below.

key jewellery pieces every woman should own

Which of our key jewellery pieces every woman should own do you love best? Let us know in the comments below!


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