Instantly transform your home and make it look brand new with these five easy tips…

With the year coming to an end, it can have you thinking of ways to give your home a revamp either in time for Christmas, or when the new year rolls in. After all, what better way to kick off a new year than with a refresh of your interiors? To do this, you don’t necessarily need to totally demolish and replace your current rooms, there are certain statement things that can give your home a totally new look. Here are our top five items to instantly transform your home…

A new sofa

update transform your homeNever underestimate the power of a new sofa! A key item in any living room, a new sofa can totally revamp your living space. Look for something that is timeless, stylish yet also comfortable! Don’t just go for a sofa on looks alone, as after all, you’ll be spending a lot more time lounging about on it than you will staring at it! Think about your space before purchasing, for example you may want a corner sofa, but you’ll need to think about where it will fit and whether it will look out of place, or be blocking any walkways. Also be sure to think of a colour scheme as you want something that will last through the years and other decorations you might do to the room.

A new staircase

update transform your homeNo matter whether you have a large hallway or a small one, if you are looking to revamp the space, why not look at a new staircase? A new staircase can transform a room effortlessly without having to redecorate at all. Whether you opt for a staircase in wood to add a timeless and more nordic vibe, or you opt for something a bit funky such as a spiral staircase, think of your space and what will be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. You could either head to a high street store or a custom store such as Fontanot stairs designers if you want something a bit more personalised. Remember stairs are a big purchase, so be sure you know exactly what you want before committing to anything.

New doors

update transform your homeNew doors is something you don’t realise just how drastically they can lift your living space until they are done. Simply by replacing tired old doors with fresh new ones, you can instantly make your house look contemporary and fresh again – without even having to lift a paint brush! Why not go from glass panelled doors to wooden ones? Or simply add new handles if you don’t want to go the whole hog! These are a cheap and quick way to instantly elevate the look.

A fresh lick of paint

update transform your homeNever underestimate the power of a fresh lick of paint! Whether you decide to opt for a new colour or refresh the colour you already have on your walls, this is a really simply way to instantly transform your home without breaking the bank. You won’t realise what a difference it makes until you’re done and your home feels newer, fresher and brighter!

New lights

update transform your homeAnother simple way to update and transform your home is to add new light fittings. Throw out tired old light fixtures and replace them with new ones for a way to (literally) brighten up your living space. Whether you opt for new spotlights, jazzy wall lights or shiny silver ceiling installations, there is something for every type of decor, taste and style.

What do you think of our list of top ways to instantly and easily transform your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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