How to Create the Perfect Industrial Style Lounge

Tips for an industrial lounge

Take the popular trend and create your very own industrial style lounge with these top tips…

Industrial-inspired interior design has been a popular style for over a decade. Old mills and derelict warehouses have been transformed into apartments filled with exposed brickwork and original detailing. What was once seen as the parts of the building to cover up soon became one of the most stylish elements of the building. Whether you live in a converted loft or an old factory, there are plenty of ways to add the raw, rustic elements of industrial design to your living area. Here are some ideas to inspire you….

Tips for an industrial lounge

Show it Off

If there are any industrial materials that have been left untouched in the building, allow them to form the base for your lounge. Enhance these original features by highlighting them with clever lighting or complementary accessories. They tell a story and you can use this heritage to inspire your colour scheme and the overall design.

Mix the Materials

Take the lead from the materials that already exist in the living room. Steel and iron were the key materials of the industrial revolution, so you are likely to find everything from original lighting fixtures to exposed beams made from these metals.

If there are exposed iron frames around the windows or steel features in the walls, mix in some wood and other natural pieces to contrast with the metals. Not only do wooden details, such as floorboards and furniture, create a sharp divergence next to the harsher metals, but they soften the effect of the industrial feel.

Add Some Colour

While keeping things minimal is a key part of the industrial design trend, adding a pop of colour with a red chair or an orange sofa, like this from Heals, gives the lounge a contemporary twist. As well as furniture, you can add pops of colour by selecting some vibrant artwork. A vibrant piece can lift the living room and soften the roughness.

Tips for an industrial lounge

Shop Around for Furniture

Search antique stores and vintage emporiums for retro furniture. Deep, slouchy leathers are a cosy juxtaposition with the metals and exposed bricks.

Position your furniture cleverly too. Create a social space with your seating and enhance the room with re-purposed side tables.

Accessorise the Space

Industrial interiors lend themselves to retro accessories. Channel your inner hipster and pop a vintage record player on the sideboard, shop around for a rustic oversized clock and fill shelves with old typewriters. When it comes to lighting, iron and steel combine nicely with exposed lightbulbs to give the room an industrial feel.

Do you love the industrial style? What design tips will you bring to your living space?


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