Prepare your bedroom for spring with these easy tips, to make a relaxing seasonal space…

Spring 2019 begins on the 20th March and brings lighter days, blossoming flowers and chirping birds. The run up to spring is the perfect time to give your home a new lease of life, as it symbolises new beginnings. As one of the most important rooms in the house, it is recommended that you take the time to prepare your bedroom for the new season; get the cleaning supplies out, de-clutter and kickstart new healthy habits. Winter is typically a time when we tend to spend most time inside, hibernating from the bad weather and snuggling up on the sofa – but when spring comes, we need to make the most of it and capitalise on the longer daylight hours to get a healthy dose of vitamin D! It has been proven that exposure to natural daylight improves mood and productivity; you can mimic this with bright interiors and a fresh décor update.

7 tips to prepare your bedroom for spring

Spring clean

The lead up to spring is the perfect time to rid your house of the signs of winter, dust off dark corners and prepare for brighter days. Spring signals new beginnings and having a major clean out will help you prepare for this. De-clutter your bedroom, as this is where you spend the most time and should be the most relaxing place in the house. Clutter interrupts relaxation and can negatively impact your quality of sleep. Tidy room, tidy mind. Plus, having a clean slate means you can make room for new décor and spring additions.

Say goodbye to winter bedding

It is time to put away those heavy knitted throws and thick duvets to make ways for lighter, brighter airy linens. Consider a change in colour or patterns; floral bedding works well for both spring and summer seasons. Look to match your new spring bedding with carefully selected cushions – it’s a nice idea to select two different on-theme designs to add variety to your bed. The coming of spring is also the perfect opportunity to consider the health of your bed; are you waking up feeling achey? Could you benefit from a new mattress or pillows?

Balance neutral palettes with pops of colour

7 tips to prepare your bedroom for springBy keeping your room’s base colour palette neutral all year round, you can be sure that it will fit any season. But, the major benefit of this, is that it provides the perfect canvas for adding pops of seasonal colour. In spring, you may like to add pastel colours such as pale pinks, greens and lavenders. An easy way to do this is through the décor and soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws.

Bring the outside in with fresh flowers

With flowers blooming all around us in spring, make the most of it! Bring the outdoors inside and introduce fresh flowers to your room; on the bedside table or window ceil. Seasonal flowers will work out most cost effective, and ensure you make the most of each season. Alternatively, a low maintenance option would be an Aloe Vera plant, known as a medicinal plant, it produces oxygen at night and will also improve the air within your bedroom making for a more restful slumber!

Open the windows

Let in the fresh air and natural light; windows will have most likely remained closed for winter but with the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect opportunity let the fresh breeze in and air out your home. Make sure to open your curtains or blinds each morning, as the inclusion of daylight will lift your mood and improve your quality of sleep.

Create harmony by rearranging your furniture

7 tips to prepare your bedroom for springAnother way to prepare your bedroom for spring is to rearrange your furniture with light in mind. For example, your dressing table should be placed where light is optimum. Spring is the perfect opportunity to introduce the art of Feng Shui into your bedroom. Feng Shui is personal to each individual but begins with the introduction of quality air and light into your home. Rearranging furniture will also help to freshen up the appearance of your home without any costly changes.

The ultimate renewal, a new bed

If you’re finding that you are experiencing more aches and pains than you are used to, or interrupted sleep, it may be time for a new bed. When you’re considering a change of mattress, think about whether you should just get an entirely new bed – it may just be a good excuse if you’re looking to change up the style or if you’ve been eyeing up a design for a while! Sleep is incredibly important for productivity and happiness; so, a good bed is essential to good health and happiness. If you’re looking to update your bedroom décor and channel a different style, French style beds from Room to Sleep would be the perfect spring upgrade to help you do just that! What better way to prepare your bedroom for spring?


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