Brighton is a brilliant city to live in, with so much to do and see. Here are our top five reasons why…

Brighton is often nicknamed “London by the sea” and it’s easy to see why. Combining the metropolitan busyness of London, with beautiful beaches and the smells of hot fish and chips hanging in the air, it’s an ideal city for commuters and locals alike. Here are five reasons Brighton is a brilliant city to live in…

You are by the sea

Why Brighton is a brilliant place to liveThere’s nothing quite like a summers day in Brighton, the hot paper from a freshly bought fish and chips in hand, the sweet mix of salt and vinegar tinging your nostrils, pebbles crunching underfoot, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore filling your ears. You can go for a paddle, take a boat out, or wander along the pier. It’s a great escape from city life which can sometimes feel claustrophobic – and it’s utterly beautiful too!

The great foodie scene

Isaac at Brighton Why Brighton is a brilliant place to liveAnother reason Brighton is a brilliant city to live in, is that it’s really upgraded its foodie game in recent years, with the opening of a whole host of new restaurants and eateries in and around the city. You can indulge in anything from specialist wine and steak restaurants, to delicious vegan and vegetarian restaurants, a fancy dinner in the Ivy, or a cosy dinner in smaller restaurants such as Isaac At. Whatever you’re looking for, Brighton has it.

You are less than an hour from London

Why Brighton is a brilliant place to liveLondon is great, but if you are looking for somewhere with a bit of a smaller price tag and all the benefits of a city (while being less than an hour by train) Brighton is a perfect alternative. Use the money you’d save on rent to buy a season train ticket to make it easy to still hop between the two cities. There are also easy coach links for one off journeys if you don’t fancy the train.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside

Why Brighton is a brilliant place to liveIn Brighton you are near to so many beautiful countryside hideouts, from Devils Dyke to the Seven Sisters, all not too far away and easily accessible by car or bus. There are so many opportunities to pack a picnic, grab your camera and go and spend a day in the sunshine exploring the various countryside destinations.

There is always something to do

Why Brighton is a brilliant place to liveBrighton is a brilliant city to live in also due to the fact it is a real cultural hub, filled with things to do. You can visit the Pavilion, go wakeboarding in Hove Lagoon, head to one of the various museums, get crafty in the Pottery cafe, show off your golf skills in the glow in the dark golf globalls, take a ride on the i360, or zip line along the seafront. There is always a new festival or event popping up, you’re never short of things to do in Brighton.

What are your top reasons that Brighton is a brilliant city to live in? Let us know in the comments below!


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