Bring luxury to your teen’s room with this teen bedroom inspiration…

As children turn to teenagers, their bedroom is as important as ever. Not only is it a place to rest their heads at the end of the day, your teen’s bedroom is their own personal space where they should be able to express themselves.

Teens should feel proud of their bedroom. They should want to show it off to friends heading over for a sleepover or to chill out over the weekend. And with concerns growing about teens spending too much time online, it’s important to encourage this face to face socialisation to encourage the development of their relationship building skills.

With the rise of the style-conscious teen, it is wise to allow them creative input ahead of a bedroom revamp. There are many ways of doing this, from letting them create a mood board for inspiration, to giving them a budget so they can take full control over the look of their new room. While it is important for them to feel their voice is heard, if your style-conscious teen is after a designer bedroom space, it’s not necessary to start from scratch and redesign the whole bedroom to achieve a luxury look. Accessories give a room it’s personality and can transform a dull lifeless space into a warm and inviting sleep haven!

Here are four luxury finishing touches to help create the ultimate bedroom for a style conscious teen:

Invest in an upholstered bed

Teen bedroom inspirationTeenage beds from Room to Grow should take centre stage when designing a luxury bedroom for a style-conscious teen; sleeping is the main purpose of their room, after all! Consider investing in a double bed to ensure maximum comfort and, to take it one step further, look out for upholstered designs, such as those with a plush velvet headboard. Upholstered designs are the pinnacle of luxury beds; not only will the bed command centre stage in their bedroom, but it will likely see them throughout the rest of their teen years and beyond.

Drape a plush throw over the end of the bed and accessorise with cushions

Teen bedroom inspirationWith their bed taking centre stage, it is important to dress it appropriately. When selecting linens, don’t feel they need to be themed; you can add pops of colour through bedding, or stick to neutral colour schemes. Seek out three or four decorative cushions that match the bedroom’s colour scheme, to help complete the desired look. To make their bed as cosy as possible add texture with a luxurious throw; think chunky knits or faux-fur designs. Adding a variety of heavy textures can help to create an illusion of warmth, giving your teens bedroom a chic chalet style.

Light the room

Teen bedroom inspirationNext in our roundup of teen bedroom inspiration is lighting. Lighting plays an important role in the overall ambience of a room. With many designs out there, from pendants that make a statement to table lamps ideal to help your teen read before bed and fairy nights to add warmth, it is important to consider the placement and role of each light. To create a warm and cosy space by night, but bright and productive study zone by day, dimmers are a great choice. When selecting lighting for your teenager’s bedroom, try and match the style to the overall theme of the room, but have fun with it; lights can change the entire energy of a room!

Finish with well-chosen art, plants or objects

Teen bedroom inspirationThese pieces should be unique to your teen. Hanging meaningful photos and artwork or carefully place trinkets are great way let their personality shine through. Don’t rush your teen into choosing these special touches, it’s okay to decorate slowly. Once gathered, play around with the placement; group objects together to add impact or create symmetry with hanging artwork!

What is your favourite teen bedroom inspiration tip? Let us know!


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