Nanu Sleep pillow is the pillow you’ve always wanted. Custom-made to your preference, it offers the perfect nights sleep…


The Nanu Pillow is the pillow you’ve been searching for your whole life. For it is not just any pillow, but a pillow that is totally customised to you. Simply head to their website and pop in a few details such as your sleeping position, height and weight and they’ll put this together to create a specially personalised pillow just for you. The result? The most comfortable sleep you’ll ever have. It feels like a literal hug to your head. The website is so easy to use and in just four easy steps you can create your perfect pillow.

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Ensuring the perfect sleep, personalised for you. Whether you like your pillow super soft or firm, it is tailored to your specification, giving you the best experience which will not only benefit your well being through a better nights sleep, but your posture too.


We love that it’s personalised to the way you sleep, comes with a two year guarantee, is eco-friendly and anti-allergy. You also get a 30 day trial to ensure you love your new pillow (we’re sure you will!) It has been proved that more sleep helps to reduce stress, can contribute to making you more productive during the day and can also help to improve your memory. It’s a win win situation!

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Use this to replace your regular pillows on your bed. Slip it into a pillowcase and spend your day dreaming of the moment you can rest your head.

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You can buy the Nanu Sleep custom made pillow from their website here


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