Whether you think of gardening as a means to an end, or a great past time, there’s no denying it’s good for you. Here’s how gardening can change your life for the better…

Gardening, for many, is like Marmite – you love it or you hate it. Spending the day up to your elbows in weeds, home-grown veggies and compost may be the ultimate dream for some – for others, it’s their worst nightmare.

However, as the great Monty Don says, ‘changing your garden can change your life.’ And it doesn’t have to take a lot of hard work, effort and upkeep. Rather, even tending to the smallest of gardens can really change your physical and mental health.

Here’s how:

It Becomes a Rewarding Pastime

5 Reasons Gardening Can Change Your Life For The BetterOne of the biggest problems with starting gardening is how overwhelming it can seem. Where do you start turning the overgrown grass and weedy borders into a pruned and preened space that’s beautiful to behold?

You start by tacking the biggest problems and working your way towards your dream garden, arming yourself with everything you need from places like S G S Engineering. Break it down by writing a list of things to do – whether that’s digging a new border for your veggie patch or getting on top of the moss in your grass. By giving yourself achievable targets each time you go into the garden, you’ll soon start to feel as though you’re getting somewhere. Then, as you stand back and admire your efforts, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of achievement. Plus, once you get into the routine of digging, weeding, planting, picking and sowing, you’ll develop a long-term relationship with your garden that’s unbelievably rewarding.

It Can Save You Money

5 Reasons Gardening Can Change Your Life For The BetterWhen you start growing your own veg, you’ll not only save money on those essentials but you’ll also notice how much better they taste. There is nothing quite as tasty as the fruits of your own labour!

Plus, if you’ve got kids, growing veg with them is a great way to get them interested in veg. Those awful carrots and cucumbers that they refuse to at mealtimes may suddenly become intriguing when they’ve watched them grow in their own back yard. Furthermore, when you start experimenting with other fruits and vegetables, your diet may change too as you put all these delicious ingredients to good use. (And the exercise you get gardening – 200 to 400 calories an hour – will keep you fit and healthy, too!)

You could even make your garden more productive by introducing some animals, e.g. chickens for fresh eggs – every day!

It Can Become a Space for the Entire Family

5 Reasons Gardening Can Change Your Life For The BetterEven if growing green fingers isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your garden into a space that you can enjoy and benefit from. Whether you remove the time-consuming borders and grass for a minimal-effort patio that’s great for entertaining in, you install a trampoline for the kids or you let your dogs loose without worrying about them digging up your fresh veg, there are so many ways you can make your garden work for you.

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