The best types of wallet to add to your collection – style tips

leather wallet

A wallet is an everyday essential. This is why we’ve put together the best types of wallet for you to invest in…

A wallet is more than just a purchase – it is an investment. It’s something you will use and carry with you every day, so its not something you want to scrimp on. By investing in a great wallet, it is not so much to boost your street credibility, but more a representation of your sophistication and style, as well as choosing something that will last you for time to come. As with all things in life, quality is what counts. (Get some inspiration in this wallets page to see if you find anything you like.) So what should you look for in your choice of wallet? Here are our best types of wallet for you to invest in…


One of the most popular choices of material for wallets is leather. Other materials are less durable and can feel cheap and tacky. Leather wallets are visually appealing, can engage your sense of smell, and feels authentic to the touch. The better wallets are made with full-grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather.

RFID Wallets

These wallets prevent a unique but rising style of credit card fraud – RFID skimming. Here, special devices are used to clone the information contained on the RFID chip embedded in your credit and debit cards, passports, and driving licence. This has been used to steal information and make illegal purchases and perpetrate identity theft. Some hacking groups have demonstrated that with the right device the RFID chips can be activated a few feet away from the target without their knowledge. A good RFID wallet will not only block these signals when the cards are inside the wallet, but it will also have form and function and give a sense of sophistication every time you make a purchase.

Coin Compartments

If you carry cash you will find a coin compartment invaluable. This prevents coins wearing holes in your pockets, keeps your change in one place, and offers other conveniences, such as you won’t forget to transfer your change from one clothing item to another.

Card Only Wallets

If you do not need to carry much cash, maybe the odd note now and then, you may want to opt for a card only wallet. Again, RFID options are available and many come with a handy pull out section to aid good organisation of your cards. Again, a stylish choice is a wise choice.


The better wallet vendors offer a good range of colours to suit your style. Choose one that appeals to you and tends to go with your wardrobe. Remember a wallet is a subtle statement about who you are so it is important you get this right.

Passport Wallets

If you often travel overseas a passport wallet is an essential purchase. They keep your documents clean and fresh, and should you choose the RFID option prevents identity theft. Many wallets geared towards passport protection offer credit card storage as well. So make sure you make full use of this when heading abroad.

What are your thoughts on our best types of wallet to add to your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!


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