Celebrate London Pride this weekend with a deliciously fruity, wine-infused cocktail in rainbow colours! Check out our recipe now…

To champion London Pride this Saturday, Barefoot Wine have created an easy-to-follow delicious and refreshing ‘Sip of Pride’ recipe – offering a quirky and trendy way to enjoy Barefoot’s delicious Chardonnay this summer.

To make it for yourself, check out Barefoot Wine’s video here or follow the below steps:

Barefoot wine sip of pride cocktailIngredients

–          1 bottle Barefoot Chardonnay
–          Crushed Ice
–          Frozen Fruit:

Dark Blue / Purple Layer

·       100g Blackberries

Green Layer

·       50g Green Apple
·       50g Kiwi

Yellow Layer

·       100g Pineapple

Orange Layer

·       50g Mango
·       50g Peach

Red Layer

·       100g Strawberries


  1. Blend each layer with 200ml Chardonnay, 1 scoop of crushed ice and frozen fruit
  2. Layer in glass jug, freezing in between each layer to help the separation hold
  3. Garnish with fresh fruit
  4. Enjoy!

Barefoot Wine’s Chardonnay is just £7 and you can find more information as well as where to buy on their website here.


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