In amongst the wonders of the South Laines lies a charming patty shack in the chic modern casing of the modern glassy Jubilee Street retreat – Burgers and Cocktails Brighton…

Around the corner in this refined arena that is the selection of the Brighton Laines Café’s, Restaurants and boutique shops on North Road is the welcoming entrance to Burgers and Cocktails.

The burger takes poll position in this gastromonical paradise – with 15 variations to keep the patty power in full flow. Serving freshly made burgers as international favourites at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Taking a tour of toppings inspired from across the globe, burger fans can tuck into anything from the Spanish ‘matador’ with pulled pork, chorizo, manchego & roasted red pepper tapenade; the cowboy kickin’ ‘rodeo chicken burger’ with grilled chicken breast, special sauce, crispy onion rings, bacon, bbq sauce & smoky relish; the Mexican ‘sloppy joe burger’ filled with beef patty, chipotle beef chilli, fondue raclette cheese, jalapeño relish & cooling sour cream. And the burgers go beyond the decked out, customary choice of the bunch: the ‘Korean Burger’ beef patty, sriracha & lime ailoi, pickles, kimchi slaw with cucumber, Korean BBQ sauce & crispy shallots; and the Brighton trademark vegetarian favourite ‘falafel & halloumi burger’ with a “falafel” veggie patty, tzatziki, raw slaw with green leaves in orange honey & mustard dressing, roasted pepper & grilled halloumi with red pepper & harissa hummus.

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Are you hungry for a burger of such intense indulgence yet?

The title says everything about the essence of this dining experience and the singing accompaniment to this headline act are, naturally, the tremendous cocktails and magnificent hard shakes to make a feast of Burgers and Cocktails.

Out of all the variety of drinks this gastronomical adventure has to offer, cocktails certainly take centre stage, choose from a deliciously slick selection of a mixture of classic and unique cocktails with a juicy twist: the fun-filled ‘Bubble Gum Slurpee’ with blue Curacao, lemon juice & vodka served Slushie-style; or ‘Laid Back Jack’ with Jack Daniel’s Honey, lemon juice, triple sec & lemonade; The ‘Kentucky Corpse Reviver’ made with Bourbon, Lillet Blanc, Triple Sec, ginger syrup & lemon juice.

And to polish off your meal in true decadent Burgers and Cocktails style with a lacquering of indulgent, creamy, off-the-wall boozy shakes, try: ‘Double Stuffed’ Oreo cookies with Baileys, vodka, Kahlua, whipped cream & vanilla ice cream; Cherry Nova a cherry and vanilla jam concoction, crème de cassis, vodka & vanilla ice cream; and to match the surf inspired interior, the foamy ‘Surfs Up’ mixed with Malibu, chocolate liqueur, coconut, chocolate sauce, whipped cream & vanilla ice cream. All of the Hard Shakes are really quirky delights of dessert-filled-deliciousness.

Burgers and Cocktails has style as well as substance. Interesting different lighting and eccentric decorum segmented throughout the premises. There is a really nice finish in the interior design with unique stylistic furnishing and embellishments; it is a very invitingly decorated, with welcoming bold palette of primary colour makes this a very animated, yet relaxed all-day-diner. It’s certainly got character: the use of metal and wood feels really warm, gives the effect of a revamped diner brought through time to suit this decade and funky Brighton Beach location. The revamp of the Brighton restaurant scene is on full display in this stylish burger joint.
Burgers & Cocktails has flair, personality & a great rock n roll soundtrack, it is a jazzy venue with punchy flavours and a lively atmosphere and fantastically friendly staff that are always in the full swing of elated service.

burgers and cocktails

It is a great new classic burger and a cocktail joint, you get a burger and a cocktail and that’s all you really need, you can go by and treat yourself to a pick of the bunch of these creature comforts, a great burger and a succulent cocktail on the sleek open bar. And there is always more to behold, there is choice of food for all and abundance of cocktails to suite anyone’s appetite.

There are no rules; swing by for lunch, pop in for a drink, settling in for a round of cocktails, gathering a group for a decadent dinner, or chill with a friend and coffee and stay for dinner, or simply shaking things up with their hard shakes in a stylish space that causes a stir.

Burgers and Cocktails is much more than just beef and booze.

burgers and cocktails

Amongst their Appetisers, their original vege chilli mix Nachos have really nice spice. Crispy, light and delicious: an awesome size of chip, and a great chip to dip ratio. Yum. The generous appetisers suggestive of mezze/tapas sharing plates: tasty, tactile sharing platters grant a great casualness to break the dining ice and have become hugely popular in modern diner-style restaurants.

When you really like something every mouthful is an experience, and that is when you keep eating to enjoy each and every last bite that you really get full. And that is what Burger’s and Cocktail’s achieve, everything is packed with flavour and just desirous as they sound, they aren’t just tempting to the eye but very much so to the stomach too! After a 3 course meal, you really are sufficiently and satisfyingly stuffed!

burgers and cocktails

Go and lounge at Burgers and Cocktails, they boast a greatly indulgent and unforgettable burger and cocktail experience. It really is a unique space in Brighton to enjoy such classic and well executed cuisine.

Enjoy your Burgers and Cocktails!

Burgers and Cocktails Brighton
15 North Rd
BN1 1YA 


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