Sauvelle Vodka, L’elixir Du Soir

The fashioning of spirits is more popular than ever throughout Europe, so two men Antoine and Olivier turned their passion for fie vodka and the deep-rooted distilling traditions of Français to create an independent business – presenting, Sauvelle.

New to the UK market this year, our love affair with this drink all began with the slogan ‘L’elixir du Soir’ – it just oozes that Luxe French feel that is so admired by many. This is reinforced by the stunning opaque black bottle with gold plush skull detail. The branding is on point, with design, imagery, wording and most importantly taste – Sauvelle encourage you to be wild and beautiful.

The vodka is produced in Cognac from spring water and wheat and is unchill filtered through local Oak from Limousin, its contemporary and smooth and has vanilla and caramel hints within it.Sauvelle Vodka

Try some of their signature cocktails for yourself here…

Sauvelle & 17

Mix 50ml Sauvelle vodka with 150 ml 1724 tonic water and serve over ice with a fresh vanilla pod garnish. Possibly the perfect V&T.

Obviously this was so delicious we had to try out one of the cocktail recipes;

Paris Punch

Mix 120ml Sauvelle with 45ml of Triple Sec 30ml Maple Syrup, 30ml Lemon Juice, 300ml of Bitter Lemon

Don’t be a Grey Goose cliché, be wild and beautiful with Sauvelle. 
RRP: £35



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