What better time of year to treat the fitness lover in your life…

New years resolutions start after Christmas with so many being about fitness and going to the gym. We wanted to help by putting a list together of some must buys to help your friend and family along the way…

Foam Roller

Many fitness fanatics skip stretching and it can be deemed unnecessary, but this is far from wrong. So why not give them an easier solution this Christmas? When it comes to warm ups, cool downs or stretching, the foam roller is a perfect piece of equipment. It can be incorporated into home workouts, gym workouts or even used down the park. It’s perfect for helping improve circulation around the body, relieve muscle tightness, improving flexibility and helps aid to a faster recovery. This piece of equipment is a perfect alternative to the expensive sports massages they may be getting each week.

You can read our Foam Roller piece here, alternatively shop here: For the Gofit foam roller £23.37 LinkFoam_Roller_Seen_In_The_City

Pull Up Bar

A lot of fitness guru’s don’t have time to go to the gym, plus a gym can be expensive and tricky to get to. There are however alternative options, like the Pro Source Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar. This unique piece of equipment allows you to train multiple muscles, all from the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s you back, abs, triceps or even your chest this multi-functional piece of equipment can help them all.

You can read our Pull Up Bar piece here, alternatively shop here: For the Pro Source Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar £34.05 LinkBodybuilding.com-pull-up-bar

Fit bit Blaze

Fit bit have taken the market by storm, revolutionising all workouts with their supreme range of sports watches. One particular watch we used and loved is the fit bit blaze. If your friends or loved ones love their fitness and want that added bit of help, then the blaze is for them. Whether it’s running, cycling, working out at the gym or taking part in a home work out, the blaze has been designed to help them. This extraordinary piece of equipment can record their heart rate, verify their sleeping pattern, track their running through its GPS and even create an onscreen workout.  If they are worried about their style; they offer multiple accessory bands to help change their appearance throughout the day.

Shop here: For the Fitbit blaze, currently £159.99-£179.99 Link Fitbit-Blaze

Adidas Supernova Glide Trainers

Picking your friends or loved one’s trainers can be complicated and confusing due to the vast array of products on offer. It is important that you pick the correct pair; after all they are going to be wearing them every time they take part in an activity.  One pair which we have tried and tested is the Adidas Supernova Glide Trainers. These pair of trainers as quoted by Natasha Colyer “Are the most comfortable trainers I have ever worn” they are stylish, light, comfortable and have a great grip which helps improve your performance.

You can read our review here, alternatively shop here: For the Adidas Supernova Glide Trainers £62.99 LinkSports Shoes

Nike Challenger Armband

When out running, having your phone in your pocket can be a pain, especially when wanting to listen to music. We have just the solution! After discovering the Nike challenger armband we tried it out and found that it is ideal for any fitness fanatic. This lightweight armband allows easy entry and exit whilst still keeping it protected during use. The mesh outer, allows easy airflow to prevent over heating whilst the clear window allows you to keep track of your progress. Nike also added a headphone socket, allowing you to listen to music without your headphone flying out after each step you make. An ideal gift for any fitness fan.

Shop here: For the Nike Challenger Armband £25.00 Link

Nike Challenger Armband Seen In The City Nike Brasilia Small Duffle Bag

Is your friend or loved one looking to go to the gym? Finding something that can store your gym equipment and be stored in a gym locker can often be a difficult challenge. Your backpack not fitting your shoes and gym clothes or your over the shoulder bag only being just big enough to store your clothes. The Nike Brasilia is a great addition to any gym goer who wants to keep all their equipment in one place. The main compartment is big enough to store your shoes and your clothes whilst the outer compartments are perfect for your deodorant and any loose bit that you take to the gym. This bag is also very easy to transport around with linkable carry straps which can be removed.

Shop here: For the Nike Brasilia Small Duffle Bag £22.00 Link

Nike Brasilia Small Duffle Bag Seen In The City

Skullcandy Ink’d wireless headphones

We’ve all been there – you’re running on a treadmilland your headphones fall out of your ear with every step, the trailing wires getting caught and tangled and your phone is sent flying. But not anymore. These Skullcandy Ink’s headphones run off bluetooth meaning you can keep your phone tucked safely away, there’s no annoying wires and they fit comfortably round the back of your neck. They’re lightweight, comfortable and fitted with a noise isolating fit which not only blocks out outside noise, but also keeps them secure in your ears. These are a must for any fitness fanatic this festive season.

Shop here: For the Skullcandy Ink’d wireless headphones £39.99 Link
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Have you tried any of these products? Let us know your thoughts below…


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