Obaku – the watch brand you need to pay attention to…

Since the rise of smartphones, watches had a redundant phase whereby people shunned elegant wristwear for telling the time on devices. But it seems the old way is coming back, with the purchase of watches on the rise and more people than ever investing in new timepieces. Now when it comes to choosing the right watch for you there are so many facts to consider – the price, the durability, the look, the clasp, the craftsmanship -that it can sometimes be a struggle to find something which fits the bill for each. This is why we were pleased to discover Danish brand Obaku.Obaku Denmark Watch review

Obaku watches pride themselves on being clean and minimalist, with influences from the Zen philosophy and the Danish design traditions. As well as looking super slick, they are also reasonably priced, ranging between about £100-£200.

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We recently tried the Obaku Chronograph watch in black. It is crafted from a sleek black metal strap, with a clasp fastening. It sits comfortably on the wrist and is not too heavy, without feeling tacky or cheap as can happen if a watch is too lightweight. The face consists of two smaller dials – a timer and 24 hour indicator, both for convenience, whilst the main face is made of dash symbols with a three-hand design.

Obaku Denmark Watch reviewThe face is sleek and smart – although the time can occasionally be hard to read in dim lighting. This design is one of the higher end watches from Obaku, but is still more than reasonable at just £169. It is water resistant at up to 50m too, which makes it ideal for whatever situation you might wear it in.

Obaku Denmark Watch reviewDesigners Lau Liengård Ruge and Christian Mikkelsen pride themselves on their luxurious designs with attention to detail and this watch really is fine example. It exudes sophistication without being flashy, and compliments any wrist.

If you purchase an Obaku watch it will come in the labels smartly branded box and include two years guarantee. Take a look at the rest of Obaku’s range here and let us know what you think in the comments below…


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