Flying can be a nerve-wracking experience for some, which is why we have come up with some top tips to help you overcome your fear of flying…

Booking a holiday is one of the most exciting things, but unfortunately for some this elation is clouded by the thought of having to endure a long plane journey to reach the destination in the first place. Whilst we can’t promise to completely eradicate your fear of flying, here are some of our top tips to reduce your fear of flying and make your journey that bit easier…

1Learn the noises that a plane makes

Tips to help reduce fear of flying

Planes make a variety of noises that can make you feel uncomfortable when flying, especially when they are not the noises you are used to hearing. The wheels coming down, the sound of the engine when taking off or in the sky and rattling of the hand luggage in the compartments above. Try to become familiar with these noises so that you don’t stress when you hear them.

2Try sitting at the front of the plane

Tips to help reduce fear of flying

Nothing to worry about, but during turbulence the back of the plane tends to feel it more than the front. So if you can pick a seat, spend a little extra and get as close to the pilot as you can. And you may find you getoff the plane sooner!

3Distract yourself

Being in the sky can be very boring and long so make sure you bring something to take your mind off the flight. Download a few books on your kindle, maybe a film or two on your Ipad or prepare a playlist to listen to. A personal favourite of ours is an adult colouring book; this will keep you entertained for hours and help keep your distracted from your fear of flying.

4Try to sleep

Tips to help reduce fear of flying

Sounds simple but think how quick the hours go by when you sleep. Find a comfortable position on the chair, bring a neck pillow and eye mask, shut your eyes and snooze the journey away. As soon as you fall asleep you will be there in no time. And you won’t have stressed.

5Keep yourself hydrated

When flying it’s important to keep yourself hydrated and to look after your energy levels. Not only with this help with stress but also help with the popping of your ears and to not feel as sick when in mid flight. However be careful not to drink too much, you don’t want to be getting up to go to the toilet all the time!

6Learn to control your breathing

Tips to help reduce fear of flying

When flying it is not uncommon for your heart rate to increase due to your anxiety level increasing and feeling uncomfortable in the situation. By learning to control your breathing and taking deep breaths throughout the journey, you can control this anxiety and reduce the stress. Try to focus on making steady and rhythmic breaths which will help with muscle relaxation. You could also download a meditation app to help with this.

What are your top tips for reducing a fear of flying? Let us know in the comments below..


  1. The thought of flying in a tube of metal, gliding in the sky, with hundreds of people is just a pure nightmare for me. I like your first suggestion, I suppose that knowing what you fear is the key to overcoming it. I’m going abroad with my fiance and I really wish I wouldn’t freak out this time. Thanks for your great tips!


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