Buried beneath Soho is a forgotten world and secret bar, Cahoots, which is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…

Deep underground the streets of Soho is Cahoots, where you are transported back in time to post-war 1940s and to a disused underground station. And what will you find there but dazzling cocktails, swing dancing and sing-a-longs around an old piano! For Cahoots offers so much more than a nightout, it offers a step back in the past to a truly spectacular evening of high-spirits,  delicious tipples and good old-fashioned fun.

Cahoots London

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Forget light-up disco floors and gimmicky strobe lighting, Cahoots is inspired by true events that occurred in post-war Britain and brings back Soho’s illicit and nocturnal escapades from an era back to life.

The best thing perhaps about Cahoots is that it is not too “over the top” – it is interesting yet charming. It is decorated in period style with stunning furniture and interesting knick knacks here and there such as wartime posters and even a Cahoots newspaper. The menu is handmade and there is a real air of escapism and being in a simpler time. Cocktails are reasonably priced too, starting at £8 they are better than many London haunts which start their prices at £12-£13.

Cahoots London
Cahoots London

And don’t think they’re all served in normal glasses either. We were particularly impressed with the Dig-For Victory tipples (seved in a Thermos flask)  and the Cahoots signature cocktail the Tanqueray No.TEN Station Clock (which even has a working face) and serves eight people.Cahoots London

Cahoots Squiffy Picnic

Don’t fancy a night out but still want to head down? Venture on a weekend for their squiffy picnic! Start by selecting your tipple of choice, then each table will receive a hamper filled to the brim with an assortment of sandwiches and picnic treats – spiffing!

Check out Cahoots website here to book your next night out – you won’t regret it…


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