We catch up with fitness mogul and leading designer Charli Cohen…

Charli Cohen is London’s technical fashion designer taking the city by storm. Since deciding at 15 on  a sailing trip with her family that she wanted to be a fashion designer she has simply gone from strength to strength. Despite the fact it’s been a while since she spent days at sea sketching clothes and now she has on-going attention from the biggest fashion publications includion Vogue and Elle and has seen her designed spotted on the likes of Kate Upton and Hannah Bronfman. We caught up with Charli in her London studio to find out a bit more about the face behind the label…

Charli Cohen London interview

1.) What has been your greatest influence throughout your career so far?

The needs, challenges and passions of myself and my peers – everything that I put out comes down to serving these three things. Everything needs to have a purpose beyond just looking good.

2.) What’s the core message you’re trying to communicate to the world through your brand?

Empowerment and evolution, with a dose of humour.

3.) What’s a typical day in life of a brand founder and fashion designer? 

Unstructured! 50% what I’ve scheduled to do that day and 50% tackling whatever comes up (it’s a very last minute industry).

Charli Cohen London interview

4.) What do you love most about your industry?

Newness and reinvention.

5.) What do you dislike most about your industry? 

It’s one of the worst for poor mental health and does little to acknowledge it.

6.) What are your go-to ways to de-stress? 

Play guitar, write or play with my dog, Suki.

Charli Cohen London interview

7.) Favourite places to go in London? 

Foyles on Charing Cross Road. Broadway and Portobello Markets. The walk along Shad Thames and the South Bank.

8.) What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own brand?

What is it that you love most? Designing, marketing, strategising? Figure out what it is and then be honest about whether you’ll be happy spending only a small fraction of your time doing that. If that doesn’t worry you, then you’re on the right track for running a brand.

Charli Cohen London interview

Check out Charli Cohen here: www.charli-cohen.com

All photos by Danielle Reynolds – support her


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