Wear & tear is hard to avoid in the home, here’s how to damage-proof it the best you can, to keep your living space looking lovely for longer…

When decorating your home, it’s important that you pay special attention to the areas that experience the most footfall. Of course, you’ll want these to be decorated nicely so you’re proud to show them off to your family and friends. But, it’s also worth taking some precautions to protect your home against a lot of the usual wear and tear that can occur in particularly busy areas.

To help you with this, we’re going to take you through five ways you can update and damage-proof the busiest areas of your home, such as your staircase, hallways, and living room. Read on to find out more.

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Upgrade your staircase

Everyone who lives in your home will run, walk, or crawl up the stairs in your home at least a couple of times a day. So, it’s important that you look after your staircase properly — otherwise, it will quickly start to look worse for wear.

While wooden stairs tend to withstand the wear and tear of daily life quite well, they can be slippery, and don’t provide a lot of cushioning if a fall does occur. As a result, they aren’t the safest. If this is something you’re concerned about, consider installing carpet or a stair runner.

If you do this, you should make an effort to find a carpet or runner that won’t wear too quickly. Low pile carpet is hardwearing and easy to clean, which makes it perfect for areas where there’s a high level of foot traffic. It’s also best to go for a colour that will have a good chance of standing up to daily use. Avoid light colours such as white or beige and look for something in a darker hue, instead.

If you decide to install a runner, make sure you use stair rods to hold it in place. This will keep everything secure and give you the option of updating the runner on your stairs when you fancy a change. Plus, you won’t have to go through the hassle of employing someone to fit your carpet runner for you — Stair Rods Direct has a guide to fitting stair rods and clips that can talk you through the process of doing everything yourself.


Refresh your hallway

Hallways experience the most footfall in almost any house, so it’s a good idea to take some precautions to prevent the wear and tear associated with this. Due to the fact that it’s exceptionally hard wearing, laminate flooring is often used in high traffic zones such as entrance-ways and hallways so, if the flooring you currently have is starting to look past its best, consider replacing it with laminate.

It’s also a good idea to have a welcome mat at your front door. Whenever anyone enters your home, it should catch any excess dirt or debris that might be on your shoes before they walk through your house. This will help to keep your hallway clean, so it won’t require as much upkeep as it otherwise would.

You could also lay a runner in your hallway. This can help to protect your hallway flooring from stains, scratches, and dents, while also bringing warmth and colour to your space.

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Overhaul your living room

If the living room is the heart of your home, it’s well worth updating your space to help protect it from daily wear and tear as well as incidental damage.

Again, laminate flooring is perfect for installing in rooms that get a lot of use, because it doesn’t damage easily. If you love the feeling of carpet under your toes when you get up from the sofa, simply add a rug. Just make sure you choose one with a low pile and in a dark colour, as this won’t show dirt too badly and will b

e easy to hoover when it begins to look worse for wear.

If you have kids, pets, or are simply worried about people spilling their drinks on your sofa, opting for one upholstered in leather is a good idea. This will mean that it’s wipe-clean, so you’ll be able to remedy any spillage with a damp cloth.

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Take precautions with your kitchen

The kitchen is the area of your home that’s going to be the most prone to problems such as spillages and damp, so it’s vital that you take steps to protect it.

When you’re updating your kitchen, think carefully about what kind of worktops are going to suit your needs best. Laminate worktops are relatively affordable and particularly durable, which means they’re perfect if you’re on a budget but require hardwearing worktops. If your budget is more generous, composite and granite worktops will also stand up to the rigours of daily use. If you would like more help with choosing the right kitchen benches for your home, Ideal Home has a detailed guide that can tell you everything you need to know.

You should also invest in some bits and pieces that will help to prevent your worktops from getting burned or scratched. Of course, a good quality chopping board is an essential, and it’s well worth buying some trivets and pot stands so you never have to resort to putting your searing hot pans straight onto the worktop.


Give your bathroom a hardwearing update

Your bathroom will experience a wide range of temperatures, high humidity, and a great deal of foot traffic, which means it can be particularly susceptible to wear and tear. Plus, bathroom suites aren’t cheap which means, if you neglect to look after your bathroom properly, the repairs could end up costing you hundreds — or even thousands — of pounds.

As we’ve mentioned, your bathroom will often be filled with steam and moisture, which can take its toll on a range of flooring options. Therefore, it’s a good idea to opt for a type of flooring that won’t be ruined by this — tile, vinyl, and laminate are all great choices.

Secondly, think carefully about what kind of paint you want to use when decorating your bathroom. Semi-gloss, gloss paints, and those with anti-mould additives will work best.

Finally, ensure your bathroom is fitted with an extractor fan that will remove as much humidity as possible, reducing the risk of you having to deal with damp and mould. You should clean your bathroom fan at least once a year, as this will help to ensure it’s always working effectively. If you’re unsure of where to start with this, Cleanipedia has a guide to cleaning your bathroom exhaust fan, which will walk you through the process.

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Taking steps to update your home and protect it from damage is a huge part of ensuring it always looks its best. If you’re looking for new ways to future-proof your house or flat, try some of the steps we’ve outlined in this article — your home will look as good as new for longer.

What do you do to upgrade and damage-proof the busiest areas of your home? Let us know in the comment box below…


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