Flood your home with natural light without compromising on style with this top tips…

There are all sorts of benefits to using as much natural light as possible in your home. It will reduce energy consumption, lower your electricity bills and have a positive effect on your health. Introducing more natural light into your home doesn’t have to mean adding large, ugly windows and undertaking costly work on your property though. There are many simple, stylish and effective ways to bring more natural light into your home to reap these benefits.

natural light in the home

Install Skylight Windows

One of the most common ways to let more daylight shine through is by adding skylights in the roof. These are often found in bedrooms but if you live in a bungalow or have a kitchen extension, these also offer a good place to install one or two. It means you don’t need to rely on as much artificial light during the day even in rooms that have no other windows in the walls. You can even leave them open overnight if you wish, to allow the moonlight to beam down.

Use Bright and Gloss Paint

If you’ve already got plenty of windows in your home then an alternative can be to paint your walls, ceilings and any cabinets in a lighter colour. White, pale yellow, blue and other bright colours will have an instant effect to reflect natural light back into your rooms. These shades can look incredibly stylish and match the rest of your home décor. Gloss paint is especially good as it essentially turns your walls into mirrors, with the higher the gloss level resulting in a greater reflection.

natural light in the home

Add Mirrors and Reflective Tiles

Should you have the space then adding actual mirrors on your walls will create the sense of extra space and bounce back all the natural light that enters any room. Reflective and glass tiles are the next best thing if you’d prefer a subtler style. These can be stylish and suit the backsplashes of kitchens and bathrooms to great effect. Glass tiles reflect almost 100 per cent of light, while glossy ceramic tiles also reflect a lot.

Introduce Quality Blinds

Sometimes natural light can cause problems with glare, so choosing pale coloured blinds which let in plenty of natural light while lowering glare levels is ideal. Plus, in the evenings you’ll want some privacy which they can provide. There are all sorts of different blind styles, so adding ones that match your current style and look good is best. You can look and find quality blinds here.

Introduce plenty of natural light into your home and enjoy the benefits without compromising on style thanks to these effective tips.


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