Turn your bedroom into a tranquil haven with these top tips

Your bedroom should be a relaxing, calming space that invites you to unwind after a stressful day at work. However, they often become a chaotic area that’s a little bit messy and doesn’t evoke a sense of ‘tranquillity.’

But don’t worry. With a few simple changes, you can transform your sleeping area into an idyllic haven that you won’t want to leave. Here’s how:

Go for Natural, Neutral Colours

While that bold, vibrant feature wallpaper may look fabulous, is it really giving you the sense of calmness when you walk into your bedroom? If you’re thinking about decorating, now may be the time to opt for a more neutral palette – one that feels rather heavenly and serene. And if you really can’t bear everything being neutral, add pops of subtle colour with cushions and throws.

Equally, you could also add features to the space using natural textures and designs, e.g. exposed brick walls, textured hessian features and cool linens.

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Get Rid of Technology

For some, watching TV before bed is the best way to ‘switch off’ from the day and get ready for sleep – which is fine.

But if you do struggle to find sleep each night, you may be better getting rid of all technology from your bedroom so it becomes a place that’s associated with sleep.

Instead of getting into bed to watch TV, why not read a book instead (e-readers are permitted in these cases)? Or, if you find music soothing, get in bed and listen to your favourite artist for 30 minutes or so.

You could even just have some quiet time with your partner!

Introduce Candles

Another great way to feel as though your bedroom is a place to truly unwind is to make it feel like a sanctuary.

Candles are perfect for doing this, especially those that emit sleep-inducing smells like lavender.

You should also try to opt for organic variations, too (companies like Neom Organics are great), as these won’t release any harmful toxins that could cause the onset of a migraine or leave your sinuses feeling irritated.

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making a large room cosy

Consider What Makes You Happy

Ultimately, to achieve a space that you feel you can relax in, you need to consider what you like and what will make you feel rested. For some, a cosy space that’s full of cushions, throws and other comforting accessories may be ideal. While for others, minimalistic, clean, fresh spaces will be far more welcoming.

Work with your own interior design feel to create a relaxing vibe that works for you. Just remember to try and steer clear of TVs, dark colours and invigorating designs.

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making a large room cosy

What interior tips do you use to make your bedroom a relaxing, calming space? Let us know in the comment box below…



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