Holidays are one of the highlights of the year, but can be expensive. Make it easier with our top tips to save for your summer holiday…

The days are getting longer and you can almost feel spring and summer in the air. It’s time to think about this year’s big summer holiday, which means it’s also time to start planning and saving for it. If you habitually get home from your holiday feeling poor-but-happy, you could improve things this year by returning not-so-poor-and-happy by following these top tips to save for your summer holiday…

Book your flights and hotels now

top tips to save for your summer holiday,The earlier you book travel and accommodation, the cheaper it’ll all be. Even if you baulk at the idea of dropping several hundred pounds so soon after Christmas, you’ll have it all in the bag well before prices start to go up in late spring and early summer. Of course, if something seems too good to be true, then it may well be, so head to this site to learn more about potential holiday rip-off risks.

Think carefully about your holiday wardrobe

summer dress inspirationMost people spend around £200 or so on their clothes for their holiday, which can soon rack up if there’s two or more of you going. Stop and think about what you usually take and whether there’s any items you always buy for your holidays and never use. You could also hit up your local charity shops to see what bargains you can find!

Get a pre-paid international debit card

Five things to consider before building your own homeThe charges for drawing out money or for using a debit or credit card abroad can really mount up. You may also be on the rough end of an unfavourable exchange rate and this is, essentially, money that you’re losing. By using an international bank card, you can top it up and swap between currencies with minimal exchange rates and no withdrawal fees.

Pack like a pro

Holiday makeup inspirationNext on our list of top tips to save for your summer holiday – if you always buy new sample or travel-sized toiletries before you go away, then you’re probably wasting money. Instead of looking for the miniature sizes of your favourite moisturiser, decant some from your regular-sized bottle into a contact lens case. The same goes for foundation, lip-salve and so on. Invest in some refillable travel bottles and make sure you use them for every trip.

Book your airport parking straight after you’ve booked your flight

top tips to save for your summer holiday,If you’re away for a couple of weeks, then your airport parking charges can be a bit eye-watering! Don’t leave it until the last minute to secure your spot, because you’ll only find it even more expensive. As soon as your flights are booked, get onto your parking; you could even try a bit of haggling to bring the charges down further.

Don’t be in such a hurry to get there

Fitzroy island Queensland AustraliaFinally on our list of top tips to save for your summer holiday, is that if you’re travelling quite a way, then it might be cheaper – and more fun – to make a stopover or two on the way. There may be a city or country that you’ve always wanted to take a look at and if you can do this and save money on your flight, you’re onto a winner!

Which is you favourite of our top tips to save for your summer holiday? Let us know!


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