These table lamps from Wayfair are stylish, contemporary and versatile…


There is something about trying to find the perfect table lamps that can be a real struggle. You want something that is stylish, versatile and fits your space, but you also want it to have a nice light and be timeless so it doesn’t go out of style once a season ends. And this is where Wayfair Angus by Minisun table lamps come in. With a height of 40cm they make a good presence on your side table or beside stand, but aren’t too overbearing. They add a good level of light without giving you a headache and create a warm and cosy glow. Their in-line on and off switch makes them super easy to use.

Wayfair Minisun Angus 40cm Table LampYou may like: Five ways you can bring luxury to your bedroom


Adding a cosy glow to any room. Whether you want to use it as a bedside reading light for before you go to sleep, or on a sideboard in your front room for when you don’t want the main light on it is perfect. The contemporary copper coloured base makes for a really stylish finish to any area.

Wayfair Angus Lamp


We love that they are that little bit different from a normal lamps. They are slightly bigger than we had anticipated, but due to the hollow base they didn’t feel it, and actually looked as though they took up less space than more conventional lamps! We love how they combine stylish contemporary design with a cosy feel, making you want to curl up under a blanket with a good book.

Wayfair Angus Lamp
Styled with the Wayfair London Clock Company Wall Clock (buy here)

Style with

Let this be the statement piece to a table. The lamp also comes in a white version, so choose depending on the colour of your surfaces and how contrasting or matching a statement you wish to make.

Wayfair Angus Lamp


£32.99 for a set of two


You can buy the Wayfair Angus 40cm Table Lamp from their website here


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