When it comes to jazzing up your style, you don’t always need to spend a fortune. Here are our top tips to improve your style without breaking the bank…

We all want to give an impression of living a stylish life and look our best not just personally but in how we present ourselves in our everyday life. We want to look successful as well as stylish but don’t have an unlimited supply of money so how can we do this on a budget? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can improve your style without breaking the bank…

Home Decorating

How else can we express our style better than how we present our home as this says a lot about our personality. But how best to decorate on a budget is a tricky question to answer but there are ways to do it. Take the bedroom, simply changing the colour, decluttering and this can give a much more minimalist look which is a good idea in any room in the house, new colours and eliminating clutter doesn’t really cost much but can make a big difference.

Buy 2nd Hand Clothes

upgrade your styleClothing can be expensive but it’s also the first thing someone will notice about you, let’s be honest it’s the biggest indicator of someone’s personality before you get to know anything about them you can usually guess with some degree of accuracy social class, nationality, level of education and even what type of job they might do for a living. So getting the right look can be expensive but if you look at 2nd hand there are so many reasons it can work as you can find unique and individual fashions that not just everyone has and a great price too.

Upgrade Your Car

Not much else says style like what you drive around in and you might think upgrading your vehicle is not something that can easily be done on a budget. But have you considered leasing rather than buying, the fact that you don’t own the vehicle makes the monthly payments much lower and if you get the right deal you won’t have extras like repairs and servicing to worry about, get in touch with an expert broker like Intelligent Car Leasing who can advise you on what you can get and keep well within your budget.

Learn To Make Your Own

upgrade your styleCreating your own fashions is another way to keep costs down and find looks that are very much your own. It might involve a bit of learning if garment making is new to you but is definitely worth the time and effort to do. There is a wealth of information online about how to make your own clothes so why not give it a go and see how it turns out.

Choose The Right Accessories

If a new wardrobe is seeming out of your reach just now then maybe spicing up your look with some new accessories can be the way to re-style without breaking the bank. A new bag or piece of jewellery can really bring some new life to an old outfit you thought had seen too many outings.

What do you think of our top tips to improve your style without breaking the bank? Let us know in the comments below!


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