Be prepared to have a place of your own with our five top tips for moving out for the first time…

So, you’re looking into moving out for the first time- fab! But before this happens there is a lot to think about, from what to save, to how to prepare. This is why we have put together our five top tips for moving out for the first time…

Build essential items up in advance

Square Flower ThrowAs well as all the obvious costs that come with moving out, many are surprised with just how much you need to spend to fully stock your new home. From a new sofa to the simple things such as crockery, it all adds up. This is why we recommend you put together a list of all the essentials you will need for moving and collect them as you go, way before you actually move. This means if you spot something in the sale you can grab it and also there will be a lot less to spend in one chunk when you finally move.

Ensure you have a good credit score

When it comes to moving out for the first time, you need to ensure you have a good credit score as this will depend on the bank’s likeliness of lending the money you need to get your mortgage. There are many ways you can build your score, from being on the electoral register, and ensuring payments for things such as your Mobile phone are made on time each month. If you don’t have any credit (such as for your phone) it can be hard to build credit in the first place. You could get a credit card or a short-term loan from a someone such as cashlady which you can then repay back in a short amount of time and therefore improve your credit score as you’ve shown you can make regular payments. Always ensure the lender is well-established and reputable and make sure you read all small print first.

Check out property sites regularly

moving out for the first timeIt’s good to keep a check on property listing sites such as Right Move so you know what sort of property you can afford and what you will be moving in to when the time comes. It can help you with knowing how much deposit to save and whether you want to save a bit more to move somewhere a bit bigger or in a different area. It can also be a great incentive to save if you see just what you are saving towards.

Save “mortgage” money each month

It’s important to make sure you will be able to afford your mortgage payments or rent each month as this will be a large figure you aren’t probably used to saving regularly. To help, we recommend you open up a dedicated savings account and put it what you expect your payment to be each month. Make sure you then don’t touch this and it will get you in the habit of “losing” that money every month, but will also leave you with more savings in time for the move!

Figure out roughly what your bills will be

Work out what you think you will spend each month and factor this in to your disposable income to ensure you won’t be living beyond your means. Estimate what you will spend on food, going out, clothes etc. as well as things such as electricity and water (you could google this or ask people who have moved into a space of their own how much they spend.) This again will help you see what your budget is and avoid you moving out then not being able to afford to live as comfortably as you would like.

Let us know your thoughts on our five top tips for moving out for the first time in the comments below!


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