When it comes to creating the perfect makeup look, you need the perfect tools. And when it comes to the perfect tools, look no further than Nanshy’s makeup brushes…

It was only recently we came to discover the super slick cosmetic brand that is Nanshy. This however, is all the time we needed to fall firmly head over heels with their stylish yet high-quality brushes. nanshy makeup brushes

Make-up brushes should be a real key to your everyday beauty routine, not only do they improve quality, precision and the amount of looks you can create, but they also give that perfected finish. When it comes to brushes however, it can be a minefield to find the right ones – they are either eye-wateringly expensive or you end up with a face full of stray brush-bristles. Nanshy does the job of bridging this gap however and shows you don’t need to pay a premium for a makeup brush that does the job and does it well (whilst also looking super instagrammable.)

nanshy makeup brushes

The idea and driving force behind Nanshy is simple – to help as many people as they can to  enhance their beauty and appearance for an even better look; but that is not all. They demand 100% cruelty-free whilst still being the highest of quality, and they’re also really good for anyone with sensitive skin. Paula Polora founded the brand after struggling to find a makeup brush which wouldn’t aggravate her eczema. nanshy-makeup-brushes

A proud member of PETA, Nanshy have a strict no animal testing policy and all of their brushes feature synthetic bristles that are vegan approved. And in case you are wondering if this affects their quality, it doesn’t. They are supremely smooth and soft on the skin.

Nanshy brushes start at £5.95 each for the smaller brushes (such as for eyeshadows and brows) and finish at£10.95 for their larger powder brushes. There are a number of sets to try if you’re looking for a complete brush rehaul and these are also a great value, ranging from £29.95 to £49.95.

Check our their full range of brushes here.

Will you be trying Nanshy brushes? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below…


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