Marylebone is fast becoming a fitness powerhouse with 2017 tipped to be their year due to the exciting revolution of the newly opened indoor cycling studio One 10

Located in Central London (16 Baker street, Marylebone) The new pay as you train boutique One 10, houses two different studios offering a unique experience with two highly addictive classes under one roof. The classes – Paceline and Nirvana – will both be powered by Techno gym, featuring the the latest technology and smart bikes.


Technology is a key benefit to these exciting classes as the moment riders take their seat, the bike recognises them and logs into individual’s profiles, available and constantly measured online onto the One 10 app.

Riders are able to choose between an energetic “party ride” with Nirvana which is less focused on competition and more on experience, providing an all-encompassing atmosphere. Or Paceline which is a more intense workout that pushes strength and power to the limit, both workouts inspire riders to break their fitness boundaries in a fun and engaging environment. Progress and achievements are visible throughout the class and feed into an overall score detailed on the app.

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One 10 Paceline

Whether a rider beat a their PB, cycled from London-Brighton or had the best moves in class, they will be notified with ‘badges’ added to their profile.

One 10 has been created by Tim Benjamin, former GB Olympic athlete and founder of gym
franchise, The Fitness Space: “We’re here to break boundaries in studio cycling. With One 10, every rider will have an engaging, multi-platform experience and connect with a like-minded community. It’s a network that tracks, rewards and motivates every rider. One 10 offers something highly unique to the market. Thanks to the Technogym partnership, our riders can match effort with scores and rewards. Be it in Paceline or Nirvana, the harder the ride, the higher your score! With access to their ride history, users can keep challenging themselves, and their fellow riders, week on week.”

One 10 Cycling

One 10 sessions are priced at £20 per class, at £19 when five classes are purchased, and at £18 when 10 classes are purchased.

To find out more about One 10 Cycle, you can visit their website here.


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