So you want to go away with the boys? It requires some planning. Here are our top tips for planning a lads weekend away…

Every now and then we all need a break from everyday life, and there’s nothing like a lads weekend away to help you switch off, chill and spend some time with your best mates. Before you get to the relaxing part though, you’ll have to actually plan your weekend away. Here are the important things you should keep in mind when you are planning your trip, including location, accommodation, and finances…

Staying at Home vs Going Abroad

Top tips for planning a lads weekend awayThe first step in planning a boys’ weekend away is deciding if you’re going to be travelling abroad or staying somewhere closer to home. While both come with different advantages and disadvantages, what you choose will usually come down to personal preference and what type of weekend getaway you enjoy as a group.  For example, staying in the UK is perfect for an active getaway with areas like The Lake District offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, off-road biking, climbing, and bouldering. There are also plenty of Lake District hotels located close to activity centres and trails, making it easy to perfect place to stay. If you are looking to go travel further afield, then it’s a good idea to stay in Europe and choose a destination that is no more than a 2-hour flight away, so as to not waste too much of your weekend with travel. 

Pick the Right Accommodation

Top tips for planning a lads weekend awayWhere you end up staying plays a major role in any holiday, which is why picking the right accommodation is essential for successfully planning a weekend away with the lads. The most important factors when choosing your accommodation for the weekend will be the cost and the number of people in your group.  For smaller groups, hotels are usually the most convenient choice, followed by hostels and B&Bs. However, if you have a fairly large group of friends then you will get better value for money by using a site like Airbnb or renting a private property where you will get more space and privacy.     

Set a Theme

Top tips for planning a lads weekend awayOne of the most important things when planning a lads weekend away – once you have settled on a destination – is deciding on the type of trip you are planning. There’s no use in arranging a weekend away without a concrete idea of what you all want to do, otherwise, you might end up packing for a leisurely holiday with the boys while one of the other lads has packed their entire hiking gear. It’s a good idea to set your theme for the trip before you even choose a destination as it will help you narrow down the list of potential places, based on what you would all like to do.       

Delegate Duties

Top tips for planning a lads weekend awayUsually, everyone in the group takes turns planning trips but this doesn’t mean that if it’s your turn to organise the weekend away that you can’t ask anyone else for help, or delegate tasks to others in your group. Not only will this make you feel less like a holiday rep and allow you to actually enjoy your trip; it will also spread out financial responsibility among the group.

 Sort Out Finances Before You Leave

Top tips for planning a lads weekend awayNothing can ruin a weekend away, or indeed friendship, quite like disagreements about money. The best way to avoid this? Make sure that you sort out all of the finances for the trip long before you set off for your lads weekend away. Not only will this help you avoid any unnecessary arguments but it will also ensure that you only have to worry about spending money while you’re away.  A few essentials you should make sure are all paid off before your trip are the accommodation, any pre-booked activities, the plane tickets (if you are going abroad), and petrol money and vehicle hire.    

These are our top tips for planning a lads weekend away – any extra tips you’d add? Let us know in the comments below!


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