For a different sort of cocktail crafting, look no further than MadLab at Madison…

Perched atop One New Change on Cheapside, Madison Bar London is one of my all-time favourite bars in the city, not least because it has one of the best views in London: a direct sight-line to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral. A swanky spot for a date or drinks with friends, its cocktail offering is both varied and delicious and, now, even better thanks to a fab new partnership with Absolut Elyx Vodka – Madlab at Madison Bar…

Throughout the spring and summer months, Madison’s will be running a series of “MadLab” masterclasses, inviting cocktail enthusiasts to try their hand at mixing their own tantalising alcoholic concoctions. Every recipe is as beautifully balanced as an ionic bond. Shaken or stirred? That’s up to you, but under the guidance of Madison’s expert bar wizards, you’re sure to get the perfect blend. We went along to try out the new experience and were treated to not one but three delightful tipples during our tutorial. Needless to say, we all left a bit heady at the end of the night! Each cocktail was based on one vital ingredient – Absolut Elyx, which really changes the game when it comes to vodka-based cocktails. Spirit snobs among you may not naturally associate Absolut with luxury, but the Elyx edition really raises the bar. Super smooth and sippable, it’s a gorgeous, velvety version of a classic vodka.Madlab at Madison

Throughout the course of the evening, we were taught how to make three scrumptious cocktails, each with a special twist. The entire night was a proper science lesson. A delicious Pornstar Martini became a fun foam party with the help of a nitrous oxide cartridge and a blender. The Cardamom & Pineapple was given an aromatic infusion with a cream whipper and a nitrous oxide cartridge, with a quick firing to caramelise the garnish. Finally, our classic Cosmopolitan was given some extra sparkle by carbonating it with a cartridge of CO2. We completed the experiment with another scorching by blow torch, and this time round we were well-rehearsed! Positive reactions all round.

So, if you’ve had a long hard, day, we’re not saying alcohol is a solution (although it is) – but you can definitely depend on MadLab at Madison to deliver an evening that’s fizzing with energy and sure to pack in a whizz, pop and bang.

MadLab at Madison masterclasses can accommodate groups of eight to 12 people, priced at £30 a head. Book your tickets here.MadLabs


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