Experience the best, the tastiest and the weird and wonderful flavours and elements of Japan with HYPERJAPAN – a unique three day event in London’s Olympia…

Ideal for anyone who either doesn’t have the time or budget to hop to Japan for the winter, or those who are missing a taste of the country, HYPERJAPAN is the perfect remedy. There will be a host of free workshops, hands-on experiences, a series of short anime screenings, amazing masterpieces of Japanese traditional craft and the latest trends in street fashion and food. With so much to explore it will feel like you’ve headed to Tokyo itself!

HYPERJAPAN Christma Market

There are also plenty of HYPERJAPAN opportunities for foodies, with a host of independent London traders among those exhibiting at the event such as The Ramen Experience, Curry Workshop and the Sake Experience including the largest collection of Namesake ever seen. Dishes include Buta No Kakuni (braised pork topped with spring onions) from Peko Peko, fluffy Smoky Sesame Cream Dorayaki from Wagashi Bakery and perfect Katsu from Don of panko, Don Panko.HYPERJAPAN Christma Market

Take part in the Ramen experience where you can try three delicious different broths – Shoyu (Soy), Tonkotsu (Pork), and Paitan (Chicken), where you can decide on your favourite and then enjoy a bowl of your preferred combination of stock with classic toppings. The Sake experience will see you sampling a variation of flavours across over 100 Japanese rice wines as well as liqueurs, craft beers and the hugely popular alcopop Chu-Hi. A range of Namasake which will be shows are unpasteurised “live” sake, flown in specially from over 30 different Japanese brewers. They are extremely rare – even in Japan – and is a truly unique opportunity to see.

HYPERJAPAN Christma Market

Once you’ve filled your boots with delicious food and shopped till you drop, there are plenty of other HYPERJAPAN activities such as the Sanro Artbox – a gaming area with plenty of giveaways from PS4, PSVit and Nintendo 3DS. If you’re into Cosplay, you can participate in a COSParade, or even compete for the chance to win a £150 prize voucher from Tofu Cafe in the COSTest.

HYPERJAPAN Christma Market

HYPERJAPAN Winter Market is an absolute must visit this festive season. You can find out more information including the schedule and other details here.

16-18th November 2018
Olympia London
Hammersmith Rd
London W14 8UX


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