No matter the event you’re looking to host, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect venue with these top places to hold an event in London…

Whether you’re planning a launch party for your new business, a blogger event ripe with networking opportunities or something more active like a yoga workshop, London is home to thousands of potential venues. Great transport links and many prestigious spaces makes the capital city ideal for hosting all sorts of events. If you’re in need of some inspiration for an exact location or type of venue, then our list of top places to hold an event in London is sure to help…

Down by the River Thames

top places to hold an event in London There are loads of potential event venues that overlook the River Thames dotted throughout London, whether you want an indoor or outdoor space. From modern, to traditional stylish venues that border the river, it’s possible to find something that suits any kind of event you’re putting on. Not only do your guests enjoy a great view of one of the world’s most famous rivers, in some cases you may even be able to arrange travel to and from the event in a boat.

The West End

outdoor cinema screens london

Associated with high-end fashion and culture, hosting an event in London’s West End instantly adds a lot of prestige to it. Covent Garden and Leicester Square especially are a favourite and have plenty of potential venues. From meeting rooms to event space, restaurants and bars, there will be the exact type of place you need in this area.

At a Public Park

top places to hold an event in London

London is full of public parks that offer a fantastic place for certain events. Depending on what type of event you’re looking to host, you may need to apply for a licence. Event fees vary depending on the size and type of event too and you can apply online easily to arrange an event in any of the green spaces within the capital.

On a Rooftop

Rooftop Yoga Santa Monica

With an incredibly iconic skyline, what better way to wow your guests than with a great view of the city from atop one of the various tall buildings? Rooftop events do rely on good weather, which isn’t as easy to come by, but if you get lucky then having an event ten, twenty, thirty or more stories up will be highly impressive.

In an Arena

top places to hold an event in London

For an event expected to have large numbers in attendance, making good use of one of London’s arenas and stadiums could be ideal. From the O2 to Olympia London, Wembley Arena or one of the many football stadiums, these can all cater for thousands of people if you’re organising a large-scale event.

Any of these top places to hold an event in London should be well-suited to a mixture of events and be sure to impress your attendees!


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